What is the advantages of concrete grinder HW-G1 and HW-G2?


What is the advantages of concrete grinder HW-G1 and HW-G2?

HW-G1, 280mm grinding width, for 220v or 110v; 6 pcs Redi-lock slots for diamond tools. G1 has the function of grinding edge, only 2mm distance. The distance must be kept, as there is a protective trip, which protects wall.

HW-G2, 5.5hp, grinding width 400mm, 220v or 380v, 8 pcs of Redi-lock slots for diamond tools. With the variable speed, its grinding speed varies from 0-1800rpm, but the most appropriate speed is 900-1100rpm; If too high, the machine will vibrate and can’t get the best effect.

Compared to the similar products, G1 and G2 advantages are visible:

1, All the electrical elements-relay, contact, motor, inverter, buttons, plug, cables….must get 3C and CE certs, and from highest quality suppliers; more important, wiring must be professional, strictly abide by relevant regulations.

Why the smallest details about the electrical safety needs to pay attention?

Because your distance to the floor grinder is within 1meter. Electrical safety of floor grinder is always the most important issue for manufacturer, as it is related closely with the operator.

If the machine leaks electricity or problem occurs to the cable, it will threaten the operator’s life, especially when wet grinding and there is water on floor, as water conduct electricity.

2, The maximum weight is achieved and its vibration is accepted. Of course, in high speed, it vibrates, but in lower speed, the vibration reduce much and could remove the uneven floor, high spots, epoxy coating, quickly and stably.

3, Little dust is left on floor. This is because the machine has the floating grinding cover. It floats with the ups and downs of uneven floor. Besides, the new design of bottom plate also helps suction floor dust.

4, The machine can be divided into 2 parts, in a few seconds. No need for any tools. So you could take it everywhere by yourself, in the car trunk, by one person.

For more details, welcome to require Honway.

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