Resin Diamond Concrete floor Polishing Pad

Key Features

Top class diamond powder and resin powder
HONWAY pads give high gloss to the floor in very short time
Never mark and burn the floor surface
The light and gross never fade
Different formula according to the customer’s request

Resin Diamond Concrete floor Polishing Pad

Premium quality polishing pad delivers the high clarity and exceptional gloss when used in dry polishing of concrete, terrazzo, and some stones.

For polishing various curve surface of concrete and stone, using sequence: from rough grit to fine, finally polishing. The 50 grit eliminate the trowel marks, smooth rough area and expose light aggregate and it is also great for shaping edges and removing mold lines; The 100 grit will fellow and so on, until you achieve a satisfied polished shine;

Step1: #50 for aggressive coarse grinding.

Step2: #100 for coarse grinding.

Step3: #200 for semi coarse grinding.

Step4: #400 for soft grinding / medium polishing.

Step5: #800 for extra polishing.

Step6: #1500 for final polishing.

Step 7: #3000 for final finer polishing, not often used.

Technical Specification

Material: Resin; Diamond

Application: Concrete, marble, granite floor

Pad Diameter: 80mm (3″)

Pad thickness: 10mm

Polishing Mode: Dry / wet polishing

Grit: 50# 100 # 200 # 400 # 800 #1500 #3000

Net weight:78g

Item NO Grit Shape Bond Hardness Application
C1101 20# R/C Hard C25
C1102 30# R/C Hard C25
C1103 60# R/C Hard C25
C1104 80# R/C Hard C25
C1105 120# R/C Hard C25
C1106 20# R/C Medium Hard C25-C35
C1107 30# R/C Medium Hard C25-C35
C1108 60# R/C Medium Hard C25-C35
C1109 80# R/C Medium Hard C25-C35
C1110 120# R/C Medium Hard C25-C35
C1111 20# R/C Soft C40
C1112 30# R/C Soft C40
C1113 60# R/C Soft C40
C1114 80# Soft Soft C40
C1115 120# Soft Soft C40


1, No colorize concrete and stone floor,

2, Super diamond grade,

3, High concentration diamond powder, for fast cutting,

4, Heat resistant, no burning even under 400 temperature.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the  thank you!

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the  thank you!