HWS200 Push Model Concrete Scarifier

Key Features

Working width: 200 mm; Working depth: 5 mm;

Original HONDA engine-the guarantee for the machine heart;

Change the drum assembly in a few minutes;long-life tungsten carbide cutters;

With depth instructions scale dial, milling depth can be accurately adjusted;

Good quality bearing and casting bearing assembly;

Vacuum and water outlet for dust free operation.

HWS200 push model electric hand held concrete scarifier

HWS200 electric hand held concrete floor scarifier machine(hand held concrete planer or milling machine) is a practical tool for roughening, scarifying, texturing, and planning concrete, asphalt, and epoxy resin floor. It is excellent for removing traffic lines, road marking and thermoplastics, adhesives, and coating; therefore it has lots of applications: concrete and asphalt on the high-speed roadway, airport runway, civil construction, floor preparation. HONWAY has a series of scarifying machines, which should be chosen according to the size of the concrete slab, the depth of planning, etc.

The hand held concrete floor scarifier machine’s drum with TCT cutters rotates forward at very high speed; which swings the group of cutters crashes the floor, therefore the carbide tungsten tips on the cutters mill, plan, scarifying concrete, asphalt, and epoxy resin on the floor surface.


Removing traffic line and coatings;

Small, narrow areas or edges;

Sidewalk repair;

Floor preparation or cleaning;

Creating nonslip surfaces.

Technical Specification

Model HWS200E HWS200
Power 380V/5.5KW HONDA GX270
Working width 200mm 200mm
Working depth 1-3mm 1-3mm
Drum rotation Down cut(clockwise) Down cut(clockwise)
Drum assembly Changeable Changeable
Drum of shaft 6pcs 6pcs
Drum of cutter 78pcs 78pcs
Machine weight 105KG 120KG
Machine size 1100*530*970mm 1100*530*970mm
Walking way Push model Push model


1, Good heart of the machine: Honda (made in Honda factory in China, not copy one), gasoline, 4 strokes. Pure copper electrical motor, 380v, three phrases, ), built-in overload protection, leakage protection, phase loss protection.

2, The drum for scarifying: the drum work craft is extremely important for the machine, as it affords high speed or rotation and strikes from the floor. HONWAY concrete floor scarifier drum is specially manufactured, heat-treated, and welded. Since 2017, HONWAY concrete floor planer has not got one case of complaint about the drum.

3, The shaft of drum: total 6 pcs of shafts for every drum. hard chromium and its hardness is adjusted for the friction of the drum.

4, Tungsten carbide cutters of the drum, the base material is 45CrMo. Tungsten carbide and cobalt metal are from the big factories, which make sure the hardness.

5, Ball Bearing and bearing base for the handheld concrete floor scarifier: the ball bearing is purchased and used among the customers for many years. The bearing base is specially manufactured, which affords the high rotation of the drum and overload work.

6, The scarifying depth can be adjusted by the lead screws.

7, The brushes of four sides and vacuum port: the brushes prevent dust enter into the working site, good quality, no hair loss.

Recommend Accessories

carbide scarifier cutters


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Honway are a manufacturer of floorgrinding-, surfacefinishing and polishing equipment. We have a wide range of grinding and polishing machines and dust extractors.

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Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the manli@honwaymachinery.com.  thank you!