CICEE 2021 Exhibition Guidelines – Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2021


CICEE 2021 Exhibition Guidelines – Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2021

The “national brand” and world-class 2021 CICEE will be held in Changsha international convention and exhibition center from May 19 to 22, 2021. With an estimated exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, 300,000 professional visitors, 4 major competitive performances, and 28 international forums integrating international forums, events, industrial cutting-edge technology exchanges, and a global enterprise style display.

Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, as a world-class construction machinery exhibition, are comparable to the world’s three major construction machinery exhibitions, regarding the scale of the exhibition, the number of visitors, the number of the world’s top 50 companies, and the influence of the exhibition.

Besides, the exhibition area is more optimized, including the machines of concrete, crane, construction, earthmoving, shoveling, pavement, marine, tunnel engineering, piling, logistics, aerial vehicles, mining, underground engineering, municipal engineering, supporting facilities, and financial services, total 17 special areas.

Hope the below information helps you visit easier and happier.


Changsha Huanghua International Airport-Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center (Guangda Station)
Suspended maglev (15 minutes) directly to South High-speed Railway Station-Metro Line 2 (only one stop)

High-speed railway:

Changsha High-speed Railway South Station-Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, 2 minutes by subway (only one stop)


There are a total of 750 surrounding hotels, including 15 5-star hotels, 12 4-star hotels, 35 3-star hotels, and 688 2-star hotels and below.

A 5-start named st-Tropez hotel is especially proposed, only 950M walk away from CICEE, covering an area of more than 300 acres, with mountains and waters, beautiful environment. It is a hotel integrating tourism, cultural exchanges, and film and television shooting, a long-term undertaking of Changsha’s foreign cultural and entertainment exchange activities.


Changsha is a famous tourist city with a profound historical and cultural heritage. The famous attractions in the city include Yuelushang, Juzizhou, Aiwan Pavilion, Taiping Old Street, Provincial Museum, and so on.

Changsha temperature in May is the best one of the whole year. It is usually about 25’C, moderate climate, very suitable for travel.

The language in Changsha is usually Chinese, but the young ones know English if you show them writing.

Electrical Type E (two-prong plug)

Currency Chinese (CNY)

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