How to repair polished concrete floors?


How to repair polished concrete floors?

How to repair cracks or holes in polished concrete floors? In the concrete grinding and polishing construction process, we must attach great importance to the following three solutions.

Solutions for fine cracks and small holes

1. The original slurry is blocked by pressure. After adding a suitable amount of water to grind the concrete into a slurry, continue grinding without adding water until it is dry, at which time the small holes will be compressed and blocked.

2. Wet the fine cracks or holes with water first, keep it moist, then use high-grade cement to add water to adjust, and use a concrete floor grinder with a resin pad to grind into the holes. This is to ensure that there is no air in the fine cracks or holes. After spraying the curing agent for four hours the next day, it will not fall off after using dry grinding.

repair holes in polished concrete floors


How to repair large cracks or holes in polished concrete floors?

First, drill the hole a little deeper, trim the edges, absorb the dust and moisten it with water, mix it with high-grade cement, and fix it with a concrete repair agent. After mixing thoroughly, it can be repaired and it can be polished concrete floors the next day.


The solution to the big pothole:

First remove the dust in the pit, moisten it with water, then brush it in the pit with a repair agent, and then fill in the cement mortar. The cement mortar needs curing. After three days of curing, the later grinding and polishing process can be carried out. Of course, the curing time is longer. it is good.

repair cracks in polished concrete floors

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