How to solve the phenomenon of whitening on the curing agent concrete floor?


How to solve the phenomenon of whitening on the curing agent concrete floor?

The curing agent concrete floor is a concrete sealed, dust-proof, wear-resistant hardened floor. The main feature is to strengthen the density of concrete, maximize the hardness and strength of the ground, and make the ground have ultra-high wear resistance and compression resistance.

But the curing agent floor is prone to whitening after the construction, how does the whitening phenomenon occur? How to solve it?

whitening phenomenon

How does the whitening phenomenon occur?

Generally, whitening problems often occur in corners, column feet, ground pits, and places that cannot be polished by concrete floor grinding polishing machines.

How to solve it?

1. Use a dedicated concrete floor edge grinder where the machine cannot polish.

2. When soaking the material, do not leave it alone as soon as it is applied. Add more water and sweep evenly to keep the ground moist.

3. After the soaking time is up, add more clean water. After sweeping evenly, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the material.

4. If whitening occurs, the floor scrubber can be equipped with a black cleaning sheet (black pad, floor scrubbing sheet) and clean water to wash the floor to reduce whitening.

5. If you grind and polish uneven ground, it is best to polish one type of grinding disc, soak up the dirty cement slurry, and wash it with clean water with a black pad, and then change to another type of grinding disc. The dirt absorption cement slurry is directly replaced with a grinding disc for polishing.

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