What is PCD diamond segment in floor preparation?


What is PCD diamond segment in floor preparation?

PCD diamond segment PCD diamond segment 2


PCD- Polycrystalline diamond segment tools. Because it is very aggressive, it is commonly used to aggressively remove coatings, glues and mastics as well as flattening bumpy concrete surface.

The special formulated grade of diamond scraper ensures maximum wear and productivity;


  • Gold color for left direction of grinding plate s (counter- clock wise).
  • Silver color for right direction of grinding plate s (clock wise).
  • 2 *1/4 Round+1 pcs 40*10*10mm diamond bar
  • magnet and screw, for Honway floor grinder, , also for other floor grinders.
PCD diamond tools 1 PCD diamond tools 2

PCD diamond tools for other brand of floor grinders as HTC, Husqvarna, Lavina, Scanmaskin is also provided. The material and quality is as same as trapezoid. The iron plate is different. For more details, welcome to request Honway salesman.

pcd for lavina pcd for htc pcd for husqvarna

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