How does the concrete dust extractor self cleaning dust cleaning is achieved?


How does the concrete dust extractor self cleaning dust cleaning is achieved?

When the industrial vacuum cleaner is designed, the clogging needs to be seriously taken into consideration. When the suction power of concrete dust extractor becomes smaller, it means the clogging of the air pipe. The most common issue is the filter is full of dust but is not cleaned in time. Besides, it is easy to cause blockages in the bends of the vacuuming corners, bends and hose joints. Because of the clogging ,the worst condition is the motor is broken as it can’t sufficiently dissipate heat after long hours’ working.

Here the the technology of automatically air pulse is adopted, for self dust cleaning.

The strong blow back of compressed air can effectively shake off the dust adhering to the filter cartridge in a short time. Each time the dust cleaning is completed in about 0.1 ~ 0.3 S. It is the high-pressure air that is ejected with a blink of the eye clean the dust very well. With the PTFE coating treatment, the dust filtration efficiency of 0.3 μm or more is more than 99%. One need not any more shake the throttle for clean dust, just close and open the outlet, the complex system of high air pressure is completed. This kind of clean dust is much more thoroughly than hand shake.

Our team did another job for the improvement. When one of these three filters self cleaning, the other two filters keep working continuously, keep the industrial vacuum cleaner powerful always.

How it achieves?

Firstly, the lift valve of a sub-chamber lift is closed , in which the air flow is cut off, then open the pulse valve. The compressed air expands rapidly in the upper box in a very short time. the dust of the filter bag wash away and falls into the dust bag.

After cleaning, as the pulse valve is closed and the lift valve is opened, the chamber is restored to the filtering state. The cleaning chambers are carried out in sequence, from one to one.

I am proud of our team as they always strive for the improvement.

About the Jet pulse filter cleaning:

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