How to remove scratches from concrete floor?


How to remove scratches from concrete floor?

We know that during the floor preparation process, it is an indispensable step to use a concrete floor grinder machine to grind the floor. How to remove scratches from concrete floor? In the construction, you shall pay attention to many matters. Any minor neglect or carelessness may scratch the floor and the floor is not smooth, even cause other damages. Re-grinding may not only take time and labor, but also tighten schedules.

The following factors may affect the concrete floor grinding effect. HONWAY Machinery will teaches you to analyze and avoid problems.

Eight problems that produce scratches:

Problem 1: the floor has not been checked carefully and cleaned completely before the construction.

The construction site was not cleaned fully before construction. During the grinding process, it is hard to remove the scratches arisen from garbage oil and dust on the ground.

Problem 2: use abrasive discs from different manufacturers

Different manufacturers of abrasive discs differs greatly in grit and particle size of diamond powder (#6-#150). During the grinding work, if the abrasive discs from different manufacturers are used on the same floor, the scratches may occur and it is hard to remove them.

Problem 3: skip step of grit to save time

Each grinding stage corresponds to the grit of abrasive discs. The purpose of each stage is to cover the scratches of the previous stage. If the grit of concrete floor grinding pads is skipped, problems will inevitably occur and it is easy to leave scratches. Thus, please don’t skip the grit for saving time and labor.

Problem 4: after it is ground at every grit of abrasive discs, the floor and grinder dust has not been vacuumed and cleaned.

After it is ground at every grit of abrasive discs, it must use the HEPA concrete dust extractor to clean the residual dust on the floor and the floor grinder timely. Otherwise, the residual diamond abrasive particles will cause severe scratches on the floor during the next grinding.

Problem 5: the floor is not inspected in time after it is ground at each grit of abrasive discs.

After it is ground at each grit of abrasive discs, it is necessary to timely check whether there are any problems such as scratches on the floor and solve them timely, otherwise it will result in more serious consequences.

Problem 6: the floor is not ground fully and completely and some corners are not ground.

During the grinding, each area and every corner of the floor must be ground completely, otherwise some corners are not ground, and the scratch will be left in these places where are not ground. HW-G1 concrete floor edge grinder grinding edge is recommended.

Problem 7: during the grinding process, no uniform grinding is performed

In the floor construction, most of floor grinders are manually pushed. Due to this uncertain factor, the grinding speed is not constant and it may change slightly, as a result, you may see the uneven floor and some tiny concave and convex on the ground. It is important to train the workers to push the floor grinder at the uniform speed.

Problem 8: randomly stack heavy objects such as machines on the floor during construction

In order to save time, sometimes, some workers grind a half of the ground and another workers still do daily work on another half floor. The heavy objects like heavy duty machines and piles are put randomly, which will cause deep scratches on the floor.

How To Remove Scratches From Concrete floor? Every problem has a reason, find out the reason and try to avoid it and then you can ensure that the floor is ground smoothly without scratches.

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