How to choose a dust extractor?


How to choose a dust extractor?

Although you can use wet / dry to grind or polish or scarifying concrete floors, today’s trend is to dry. This method is faster and more convenient, leaving no messy slurry from wet grinding or polishing. However, it does generate a large amount of dust, which makes it necessary to use dust extractor to prevent concrete fines from scattering.

How the concrete dust extractor works?

Concrete dust extractor also called concrete dust collector or industrial vacuum cleaner. The principle is to change the air pressure in the bucket of the vacuum cleaner instantaneously by a high-speed motor. The air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the dust extractor’ bucket is used to suck the cleaned matters into the bucket and then achieve the filtering effect.

How to choose a high quality concrete dust extractor for concrete grinding or polishing?

1. From the appearance point of view.

The industrial adopts the metal bracket and the barrel of the floor dust collector are relatively thick. Therefore the machine body can be sturdy and durable, good performance in heat dissipation and multiple environments. They are easily judged from the parameters and weight on the production catalog. The good quality vacuum cleaner generally has a barrel thickness of 1.5 mm, which has good explosion-proof and anti static performance.

2. Check the dust filter system.

The dust extractor quality is also determined by the size of the filter area and the material of the filter. The efficient and durable industrial vacuum cleaner are usually use HEPA filter system.

What is HEPA?

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter.

HEPA filter is called the heart of the concrete floor dust collector, Its material affects the performance and service life of the machine. It usually has a single grade filter or multiple grade filters. Generally, the first grade of filtration is the cyclone, then second grade filter is performed for high precision filtration. Higher grade dust extractor use membranes or filters coated with special materials, the filtration level can reach H13, and the filtration accuracy can be less than 0.3 microns.

3. The selection of motors is also a top priority for industrial concrete floor vacuum cleaner.

Because the floor dust collector has a high demand for motor speed, generally 20,000-30000 rpm, so the motor is mainly a series-excited one. Some motors do not meet the standards for industrial dust floor collector. Continuous work may cause motor heat and other failures.

The main types of floor industrial vacuum cleaner motors are: dry vacuum motor (THRU-FLOW), dry and wet vacuum motor (BY-PASS). Vacuum cleaners using dry and wet vacuum motors are suitable for a wider range of operating conditions.

The motor are also divided into copper wire motor and aluminum wire motor.

The copper wire motor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long life and long single operation time, but the price is higher than the aluminum wire;
Aluminum wire motors have the characteristics of low price, but poor temperature resistance, low melting point, and less long life than copper wires.

Regarding to the fan of the motor, it has two main parts: the moving impeller and the fixed impeller. The moving impeller mainly generates wind. When the moving impeller rotates at a high speed of 20,000-30000 rpm, a negative pressure is generated at the air inlet to form a vacuum, and then The suction force is formed; the fixed impeller is mainly used to release the air flow generated by the moving impeller more smoothly. The quality of the fixed impeller directly affects the efficiency of the motor of dust extractor.

4. The electrical system.

Good-quality concrete dust collector generally only use branded electrical components to protect the safe operation of the equipment.

5. The dust-cleaning system.

Industrial concrete vacuum cleaner generally chooses the appropriate dust cleaning method according to the size of the power and the model of the equipment. Use jet pulse filter cleaning ensures HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) and dust extraction equipment work efficiently.

What is jet pulse filter cleaning?

Jet pulse filter cleaning is performed by forcing air pulses back through the filtered airflow. In this way, you can quickly and easily remove all debris by destroying the dust and other particles captured and blocked by the filter, and then blowing them away in the opposite direction. They are collected into a plastic bag which can be removed and discarded. The user would never be exposed to debris, dust or other particles.

What can jet pulse filter cleaning do?

The filter is recycled by cleaning.

The multi-angle dust cleaning removes the dust more thorough.

Where is jet pulse filter cleaning unit?

The jet pulse filter cleaning unit is built into the floor dust extractor, allowing users to easily and continuously clean the filter without any hassle. This will extend the life time of the machine and ensure maximum suction, at the same time, while reduce maintenance costs for users. You never need to open the dust extractor during the Jet Pulse Cleaning process.

6. The wheels for dust extractor.

Many casters of ordinary concrete dust collector are made of PVC material which will be damaged quickly after being used a long time or in harsh environment. Good quality floor dust extractor use PU wheels, which are sturdy and durable ,a long lifetime. It has almost no noise when push the machine. They can be used in heavy industrial places with harsh environments.

To sum up, the motor, filter and dust cleaning device are the key points for purchasing concrete floor dust extractor. Users must pay attention when choosing. To achieve an excellent model, the fans, filters, and the design of air circulation needs to achieve the most reasonable combination.

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