What is the difference and benefits of diamond wear-resistant floor and terrazzo floor?


What is the difference and benefits of diamond wear-resistant floor and terrazzo floor?

Many customers are worried about choosing workshops and workshops to make diamond-resistant abrasive floors or terrazzo floors. These are caused by consumers who do not have a deep understanding of these two types of floor decoration materials.

So, in the end, which product is more suitable to choose, the following is for you to analyze the differences between these two products.

Although the terrazzo floor can solve the problem of partial sand and dust, its surface layer is peeled off from the concrete base layer. Under the action of gravity, it is easy to cause shelling, hollowing, cracking and shedding of the ground surface layer. It affects the flatness and cleanliness of the floor surface, and with the use, the damage area will become larger and longer, the service life will be shortened, and it will affect the normal use. The general workshop is not recommended to use this floor material.

Emery wear-resistant floor has been rapidly popularized since its advent in the 1970s and has become the most cost-effective floor material at present. The emery wear-resistant floor has the following advantages:

1. High strength, high wear resistance, not easy to dust, sand and other advantages;

2. The average service life of the product is more than 30 years;

3. The diamond wear-resistant floor has various colors, beautiful and bright;

4. The emery wear-resistant floor and concrete are use concrete grinder grinding and polishing synchronously. After the construction is completed, a dense whole is formed with the concrete, which shortens the construction period.

The difference between emery wear-resistant ground and terrazzo floor:

1. First of all, the emery floor is an alternative to terrazzo floor, which is often referred to as the upgraded version. The terrazzo floor has been gradually eliminated among industrial floors because it is not suitable for industrial floors, but in hotels. , Home improvement ground, KTV places are used more.

2. Emery floor is cheaper than terrazzo, and the degree of wear resistance is almost the same. Emery floor is generally
They are all used in factories, and terrazzo has more patterns, which is more suitable for hotels, ktv and other occasions.

3. The construction cycle, the construction of the emery wear-resistant ground is simple, the cycle is short, and the long construction period will not be delayed. The terrazzo floor construction cycle is long.

4. The hardness of the terrazzo floor is only 3.2kpa, and the hardness of the diamond wear-resistant ground is 7.3kpa, so in terms of hardness, the diamond wear-resistant ground is also higher than the terrazzo floor. Emery wear-resistant floor and terrazzo floor have the same point: they can solve the problems of sand and dust on the ground.

5. The hardness of the terrazzo is not as strong as the diamond wear-resistant ground. It is easy to cause the ground to swell, crack, and fall under the gravity. The diamond wear-resistant ground is integrated with the concrete ground to avoid these phenomena.

6. Emery wear-resistant ground and concrete ground are constructed at the same time, and the construction period is short.

At present, the most common practice is to construct concrete sealing and curing agent after the emery wear-resistant floor is completed. This is the most economical and practical process at present. There is no need to worry about the ground within 20 years after completion.

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