Concrete Scarifier Removes The traffic Line


How to use the self-propelled model concrete floor scarifying machine remove traffic line?

For this operation, be sure to set depth of cut to just penetrate the paint. Most state and municipal agencies require 70% to 80% removal. If the road surface was pitted (worn or just old and full or uneven areas when it was painted), it will be impossible to remove the paint from the depressions without changing the depth setting.

We suggest leaving these areas to be completed last after the majority of the lines have been removed. Return to the problem spots, reset the depth and proceed to remove the paint. This procedure will minimize the time necessary to do the job and will prevent cutting into the road surface.

The Self-propelled Model concrete floor scarifying machine is ideally suited to remove thermoplastic lines – the upcut feature removes the plas- tic from the surface by “milling” or lifting. In excessively hot weather it may be necessary to sweep the plastic away from in front of the planer – hot plastic tends to build up on the tires changing the cutting depth setting.

To keep thermoplastic from heating up, we recommend to spray water on the work surface whenever possible.


If the Self-propelled Model will be used for traffic line removal, the optional front outrigger wheel assembly will follow the contour of the surface to be cut. By doing this you can control the amount of surface to be removed with little or no damage beneath the paint.


HWS300 removes the hot glue road line on the asphalt floor. Honda gasoline engine 20HP, very convenient outdoor, no need for cable.

Self propelled model, driven by America Eaton hydraulic transmission, it is easy to do the heavy duty work and walk with easiness. This machine is ideally suited to remove thermoplastic lines – the upcut feature removes the plastic from the surface by “milling” or lifting.

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