How To Choose A Concrete Planer?


How To Choose A Concrete Planer?

The concrete scarifier planer use tungsten carbide cutters to cut the floor through drum action. These cutters are like small hammers, constantly beating on the floor and breaking small pieces of concrete. The result is a very rough profile, and some coatings need to be fully bonded.

Because the high-speed rotating cutter breaks up the concrete fragments, by hitting the floor vertically, rough or uneven surfaces can be shot down quickly and safely. Unequal slabs are usually at construction joints or cracks, and scarifiers are very suitable for attacking any high places and reducing them to adjacent low places.

Q: How to choose a concrete planer?

1, Gasoline power, more powerful the gasoline, more deep the machine plan the floor.
2, The quantity of the drum, shafts and cutters. More shafts and cutters, more better.
3, The weight of machine. More heavy, more better, less the machine jump.
4, Bearing. If work on hard concrete, bearing diameter should be above 18mm, so as not to break easily.

Concrete planer has gasoline and electrical power. Electrical power is cheaper than gasoline power. The rotation rate of 2 grade electrical motor is 2800, while that of gasoline power is 3600, so gasoline power has a better effect than the electrical motor.

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