What should be paid attention to during floor preparation construction?


What should be paid attention to during floor preparation construction?

There are many types of floors, which we are familiar with are: concrete floor with seal curing agent, corundum wear-resistant floor, epoxy coating floor, epoxy antistatic floor, epoxy millstone floor, terrazzo floor, sport floor. Although there are many types of floors, the construction of floors has almost same commonality and process standards. Only by adopting the standard floor treatment for construction work, the perfect floor can be made successfully. It Includes the flatness, aesthetics and service life of the floor. So when we make floors, which flooring standard treatment we should use for construction operations?

Concrete hardened floor

For new concrete floor. It is recommended that after the concrete floor is constructed, when the cement is initially set, professional floor grinding machine is used to grind the floor with a detailed smoothing treatment. Because the new concrete floor will not be leveled very evenly, and the floor is in the stage of initial solidification, the hardness of the floor is not so hard, so it is easier to be grinded, which saves the construction time and cost.

Corundum hardened floor

Ground crack treatment: In addition to the problem of sand formation on some floors, cracks may appear on floors. Therefore, the location of the crack needs to be cured before it can be hardened. Generally, the crack needs to be repaired if it exceeds 2mm. Cracks as thin as hair thread do not need to be repaired. Common methods of crack repair are: epoxy mortar, quick-dying cement for repair.

Ground pothole treatment: some floors are seriously damaged, the concrete floor surfaces fall off, and large and small hollows appear. At this time, the floors need to be polished with a floor grinder, and then the holes are repaired with epoxy quartz mortar. After the floor is leveled, the wear-resistant and hardened floor can be constructed.

The old floor paint needs to be renovated and upgraded. It is recommended that you remove the old paint with professional tools, then rinse the surface with a special lotion and scrub repeatedly until it is free of oil. Because some old floor paints are inevitably covered by oils in daily life.

Epoxy floor

For some concrete floors with high alkalinity. It is recommended to use a special washing liquid for neutralization treatment firstly, and then rinse it with clean water. This is what we often call the floor pickling process. As for the concrete floor which is too humid, the floor needs to be dried by manual water absorption, drying, solar lighting, and hot air drying.

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